Please note:

  • This is not a full list of our piercings & body modifications (impossible). If you don’t see what you’re looking for just ask.
  • An After-care Instruction Sheet is included with each piercing.
  • Prices include Ball Closure Ring =BCR, Barbell =BBS, Flat Back Stud =FBS from our basic range of British or USA-made Surgical Steel body hardware, unless otherwise stated. Titanium or Gold hardware, Internally Threaded hardware is available for an additional cost.
  • Prices are current as of November 2017, and are quoted in NZ Dollar (inc. 15% GST.)
  • Discounts available for multiple piercings, and groups of 3 or more. Just ask.


Jewellery Gauge Information

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Rates & Healing Times

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Facial Piercings

Ear Lobe / Ear Rim – Helix

$60 for 1x with 16ga or 14ga BCR
$80 for 2x Lobes with 16ga or 14ga BCRs
Large Gauge Earlobes from 3.2mm to 12mm
$55 for 1x Lobe from 3.2mm, Hardware is Extra
$85 for 2x Lobes from 3.2mm Hardware is Extra
Large Gauge hardware tubes start from $20 each
4-8 weeks healing Lobes
2-6 months healing Rim / Helix


$60 with 18ga plain nostril screw
$65 with 18ga jewelled nose screw or 18ga BCR
8-12 weeks healing


$60 with 16ga or 14ga BBS
8-12 weeks healing

Erl – Nose Bridge

$75 with 16ga or 14ga BBS
3-6 months healing


$75 with 16ga or 14ga circular barbell ring
4-6 weeks healing

Ear Speciality – Anti-tragus / Conch / Daith / Frontal Helix / Rook / Snug / Tragus

$60 with 16ga or 14ga BCR
$65 with 16ga or 14ga  BBS or FBS
2-6 months healing

Madison – Throat

$75 with 14ga bioplast surface bar
12 weeks or more to heal

Labret / Lip / Madonna / Medusa / Cheeks

$60 with 16ga or 14ga BCR
$65 with 16ga or 14ga FBS or circular barbell

$125 Pair of Cheek Piercings with 2x 14ga Bioflex FBS
4-8 weeks healing Lips 8-12 weeks Cheeks

Smiley – Top Lip Web

$65 with 16ga circular barbell ring
2-4 weeks healing

Tongue / Venom

$80 with long barbell and shorter barbell post

$125 with 2x long barbells (venom-side x side placement)
4-6 weeks healing

Scaffold / Industrial

$75 with 14ga steel BBS or bioplast BBS
2-6 months healing


Surface Piercings

Surface Piercings

$75 with surface bar (Needle Piercing)
$85 with surface bar (Punch & Taper Method)
2-6 months healing

Microdermals / Surface Anchors

$70 with titanium dermal anchor made in the U.S.A.
20% discount for each additional dermal
2-6 months healing


Body Piercings


$75 with 14ga surface bar
2-6 months healing


$65 with 14ga or 10ga navel barbell (plain)
$75 with 14ga titanium (plain) or jewelled surgical steel navel barbell
3-9 months healing


$70 with 14ga BCR
$70 with 12ga or 10ga BCR
$75 with 14ga, 12ga or 10ga BBS
3-9 months healing

Both Nipples

$125 with 2x 14ga BCRs
$125 with 2x 12ga or 10ga BCRs
$140 with 2x 14ga, 12ga or 10ga BBSs
3-9 months healing


Female Genital Piercings

Vertical Clit Hood

$120 with 14ga BCR
$130 with 14ga curved barbell stud Titanium
2-6 weeks healing

Horizontal Clit Hood

$125 with 14ga or 12ga BCR
8-12 weeks healing


$150 with 16ga or 14ga BCR
8-12 weeks healing time

Inner Labia

$120 with 12ga or 10ga BCR
$160 for 2x piercings with 12ga or 10ga BCRs
2-6 weeks healing

Outer Labia

$120 with 12ga or 10ga BCR
$160 for 2x piercings with 12ga or 10ga BCRs
8-12 weeks healing


$140 with 12ga or 10ga curved barbell
4-8 weeks healing


Male Genital Piercings

Prince Albert

$120 with 10ga BCR
$125 with 10ga circular barbell
$130 with 8ga ring or circular barbell
4-6 weeks healing


$125 with 10ga BBS
$130 with 8ga BBS
4-6 weeks healing


$120 with 12ga or 10ga BCR
$160 for 2x piercings with 12ga or 10ga BCRs
2-4 months


$125 with 10ga BCR
3-6 months healing


$150 with 10ga BBS
$160 with 8ga BBS
3-9 months healing


$150 with 10ga BBS
$160 with 8ga BBS
3-9 months healing


$120 includes 12ga or 10ga BCR
4-12 weeks healing


$100 includes 14ga surface bar
2-4 months healing


$195 for pair including 2x 14ga BBSs
2-4 months healing


$120 including 10ga curved bar
(requires a circumcised Prince Albert piercing)
4-8 weeks healing


Scarification, Cuttings & Branding

Prices for cutting, scarification, and fine line cautery brands minimum charge $100.

Quotes will be given on larger pieces, during a consultation.


Home Visits

Professional piercing service done in the comfort and privacy of your home. Minimum 3 Piercings for home visits. Pricing on request.



Please contact us for more information about any of our piercings, or any other services that you are interested in.